Dara-Salaam Payroll Paymen

This service allows you to make electronic payments to employees, vendors and others at any financial institution in Somaliland.

It has features such as:

  1. Daily/weekly/ monthly payment can be made with the optional enhanced security feature
  2. Move funds in U.S. dollars
  3. Easily manage your payments
  4. Remittance notification by e-mail to recipients


To give our business customers access to an even wider array of innovative solutions, Dara-Salaam can form a strategic alliance with leading financial banks globally on request. This enhanced provider of outsourced business administrative solutions.

Dara-Salaam can help you streamline your entire payroll process:

  1. Automatic tax remittance to the government
  2. Direct deposit into your employee’s account
  3. Electronic employee statements with no intervention required
  4. Peace of mind knowing payroll is always updated and always backed up
how can we help you?

For more information or support, feel free to contact Dara-Salaam Customer Care Department.