Welcome to Dara-Salaam Bank

Dear client you are highly welcome to Dar-Salaam bank. a fully-fledged Sharia compliant bank licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia, first of its kind in Somaliland, and was established in 2010.

DSB was established to bear the critical responsibility of leading the way forward in establishing a stable and dynamic banking system replete with dynamic and cutting edge products and innovative products.

The Bank offers a range of Sharia compliant products and services conforming to the highest standards of Islamic finance. We are indeed the costumer’s partner in success.

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Dara-Salaam Accounts

Dar- salaam account gives you an ultimate business financial door which is not only efficient

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Dara Salaam Investments

Dar- Salaam bank investment is the most reliable secure mode of financial and property development

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Diaspora Saving Account

Dar salaam offers wide range of services to suit your banking needs. At Dar-salaam diaspora

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Start Enjoying Simple Banking With
Dara-Salaam Bank Services bellow.


Dara-Salaam Webserver Card

This is a wonderful world class door unique opportunity for online transaction. For the first time

Dara-Salaam Money Exchange

Dar Salaam Bank foreign exchange services can help business owners and managers understand the

Dara-Salaam Kaafi Service

Kaafi service is a mobile banking option. Through Kaafi, you have a 24/7 access to your account.

Dara-Salaam E-Banking

Our E-banking applies online banking services. Through our E-banking you can access your account viainternet.

Dara-Salaam ATM

Dar- salaam bank is the first-pioneer indigenous bank to introduce ATM Machines in Somaliland.

Dara-Salaam (T.T) and Swift Service

This service enables our our customers to transact with oversea banks. It allows both remittance to and from oversea bank.

Dara-Salaam Payroll Payment

This service allows you to make electronic payments to employees, vendors and others at any financial institution in Somaliland.

Dara-Salaam Cheque Book

Dar-Salaam bank offers you a cheque book system suitable for all your needs.

Dara-Salaam Passbook

Passbook is issued to all savings account holders.This survive is highly beneficial to a savings account


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