Dara Salaam Bank in partnership with ZAAD Services is planning to launch its “MICROFINANCE” program named” KOBCIYE” to participate the opportunity of creating employment in the country, promoting entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.


DSB Microfinance is an Islamic Microfinance initiative founded by Dara Salaam Bank in 2010 to offer SOMALILAND community– especially SMEs and Unemployed – life-changing, appropriate Islamic financial services, such as micro-savings and micro-finance to improve their lives and escape poverty

Vision & Mission


To offer inclusive, shariah-compliant microfinance service to bring the poor into the financial mainstream.


To empower the low income people, particularly, the micro and small entrepreneurs through innovative, responsible and inclusive financial services tailored to suit their needs in order to boost their living standard and ultimately contribute towards the economic development and prosperity of the country.


  •  Promote financial independence among the low income community.
  •  Poverty alleviation.
  •  Unemployment Rate Reduction.
  •  Promote social welfare.

1. Products:

  •  Murabaha
  •  Musharakah
  •  Salam
  •  Ijara
  •  Qard-Al-Hassan

2.Financing Methods:

  •  Group Financing
  •  Individual Financing

Targeted Population:

  •  Small Business
  •  Rural Area
  •  Agriculture
  •  women

Eligibility criteria

Kobciye Microfinance Program uses the following criteria to assess the eligibility of a financing application:

  1. Paid up capital in the business:  $5000 Max
  2. Number of years in operation > 1
  3. Age of the Owner(s) > 20 years
  4. Zaad Account / bank saving account – (Zaad Merchant is preferable).

Repayment method:    DSB & ZAAD integrated Microfinance platform

Repayment period:      up to 12 Months.

how can we help you?

For more information or support, feel free to contact Dara-Salaam Customer Care Department.