Dara-Salaam Saving Account

Dar- salaam bank offers you an attractive saving account to fit your financial projections.

The following saving account products are available for you :-

  1. (Qurba-joog) Diaspora savings account.
  2. Personal/ Joint Aavings Account.
  3. Salaam Junior Savings Account
  4. Students Saving Account.
  5. Hagbad Saving Account.

Features of Saving Account.

1. Diaspora Savings Account

Dar salaam offers wide range of services to suit your banking needs.

At Dar-salaam diaspora savings account we guarantee you :-

  • Diligent and professional staff.
  • Rapid response customer care unit round the clock.
  • Quick inquiry resolution.
  • High qualityfinancial services tailored to our esteemed customers.
  • SMS alert for your account activity
  • E-banking

2. Personal/Joint Savings Account

We offer you a conducive savings account to fit your future needs.

Personal savings account is for individual while joint can be for two or a registered group.


  • Dully complete form.
  • Recent passport photo.
  • Identification-National ID/Driving license/ Valid Passport/ Work permit forMilitary /police force.
  • $10 opening amount.
  • $10 passbook fee.

3. Dara-Salaam junior Account

Salaam junior remains the most popular account for children in Somaliland.Besides being the first for children SJ-Account comes with much fun and also allows the kids to learn a thing or two about money and saving.

SJ-accounts is opened to all kids below 16 years.This account is patronized by the parent or guardian on behalf of the child until they reach adult age (16 years)

When kids open a SJ account they get automatic  membership to the Dar-salaam junior  club .

This financial club comes with host of great offers for members including :-

  • Beautiful- maroodi- bank castle given to the child upon opening the account.
  • Special discount at selected bookshops, hospitals, uniform outlets, upon presentation of SJ Debit card.

4. Students Saving Account.

This saving option is meant for our emphatic students who are integral part of our economic development. The account offers a secure attractive method of savings.

Features of Students Savings Account.

  • Flexible mode of financial savings and withdrawals
  • Legible for 15 years and above.
  • Timely fee clearance.
  • Express counter service.
  • Inter account transfer.
  • Mobile banking-KAAFI Service.

5. Hagbad Saving Account.

This is a unique opportunity. This form of merry go round cements you socially as you grow economically.

This provides you with safe custody of your savings.

Features of Hagbad Saving Account.

  • Timely express account.
  • Passbook for clear recordings
  • No minimum ledger balance
  • Mobile banking-KAAFI services.
  • A group of five and above.
how can we help you?

For more information or support, feel free to contact Dara-Salaam Customer Care Department.